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PDF pages out of order

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Re: PDF pages out of order

Posted:27 Jul 2011 (16:17 UTC)
Jen, greetings from viovio. Please email your product ID to so we can look into this further.

PrestoPhoto support
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PDF pages out of order

Posted:27 Jul 2011 (15:40 UTC)
Hello again, I'm having ongoing problems trying to get an iPhoto book formatted properly in PrestoPhoto. Initially it wasn't recognizing my first page which shifted everything out of order. So I added a page and redownloaded. This solved my initial problem but then I looked through the entire album and at the very end a couple pages have been flip flopped. I reviewed my pdf and it's in the correct order (ie. different from viovio) so I don't know why or how this happened. Any suggestions? Thanks!