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My question

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Re: My question

Posted:17 Aug 2011 (15:55 UTC)
Hello Catherine!

The cover dimensions are 9.25 x 7.25. The inside of the book is 9 x 7 with the quarter inch bleeds. That will account for the slightly larger cover as well as the folds. If you wanted to be extra safe on the cover you can allow for a .5 inch bleed. Will make for better reading too!

Thank you again for your inquiry!

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Cathrine Spikkerud
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My question

Posted:16 Aug 2011 (21:40 UTC)
Hi again,

My question was for the cover of the 9x7 book. What are the measurements of the cover (the covers are larger than the book pages) and in addition some extra for folding over (image wrap). Can you give me the measurements, please? :-)

Best regards, Cathrine