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Order 74824, Lake Quivira Reflections

Comment on Ship Options and Delivery Times
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Re: Order 74824, Lake Quivira Reflections

Posted:30 Aug 2011 (16:47 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto, thank you for your inquiry! When an order is placed for both Premium Photo Paper and Express Silk Photo Paper they are sent to 2 different parts of the our Production Departments, hence the 2 separate emails. However you were only charged for combined delivery!

If you are interested in speeding up your delivery time that is not a problem as long as the order has not shipped yet. Simply email us at and we can assist you in making that happen!

PrestoPhoto support
howard johnson
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Order 74824, Lake Quivira Reflections

Posted:30 Aug 2011 (16:15 UTC)
Order No:74824 I ordered 2 books. Have decided I some options for a combined delivery of the 2 books after receiving an expected shipping date of Wed, Sept 7.

Super saving shipping shows 2-3 week delivery. What options can I change it to for faster delivery. That is longer than I want to wait.

After getting your suggestions how do I change and pay for it.

howard johnson