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Crop Guides for Flip vs Layout preview

Comment on Cropping And Bleed
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Re: Crop Guides for Flip vs Layout preview

Posted:04 Oct 2011 (15:10 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

When it comes to previews the Layout is always more trust worthy. If your content is safe within the guides established in the Layout Preview then your content is safe. Thank you for your suggestion about the Flip Preview guides, I will pass it on to our Engineering Department!

If you have any further questions or concerns let us know and we will help in any way we can.

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Crop Guides for Flip vs Layout preview

Posted:04 Oct 2011 (03:58 UTC)
I notice that in layout preview, there are two sets of crop guides: pink for soft cover and red for hard cover. In the flip preview, I choose to see the layout in either soft or hard cover, die cut, or embossed. I see only one crop guideline, which makes sense b/c I chose the particular format.

Here's the issue: in flip preview, regardless of the book choice, e.g. hard vs soft cover, the crop guideline is in EXACTLY the same place. According to the flip preview, some of my text and images is over the crop line. In contrast, according to the layout preview, for hard cover books, all my text and images are within the crop guide. For soft cover, some of the text extends beyond the crop guide. The layout preview seems to match the guidance documents that indicate soft cover needs more crop + bleed than hard cover.

I designed my book with at least 0.25" on all edges to allow for crop, assuming hard cover. Best I can tell the flip preview is ONLY showing the soft cover crop guidelines.

Here's the question: which preview do I trust flip or layout? IF the answer is flip, then why is the crop line exactly the same for hard and soft cover?