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Photo/Text Book

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Re: Photo/Text Book

Posted:10 Oct 2011 (19:41 UTC)
Hi, Erika!

Yes, you can make your book available so that people can purchase directly from the website. Adding a commission is optional. You can add a commission and donate it to a charity if you like! We offer bulk discounts on orders as low as 5 copies of the same book. You can see our pricing and bulk discount info here:


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Photo/Text Book

Posted:08 Oct 2011 (16:08 UTC)
I am making a book that will be square with 50-80 pages that will include text and images. I am trying to get the best deal possible and so far it looks like you guys have it!

This makes me really excited. I've been wanting to make this book for months now but I wanted it to be affordable to others. So people can purchase straight from this website? I know there will be others that will want to buy it. Would it be best if they purchases straight from me so I can get a volume discount or would it be best if they purchased from here?

I don't want to make any commission because this book is for a good cause but if that money could be used toward a charity, I would love that.