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International Shipment

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Joined: 16 Jul 2012

Re: Re : International Shipment

Posted:17 Jul 2012 (12:46 UTC)
Good. Have you any idea of expensive a book from Paris to USA.
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Re: Re : International Shipment

Posted:25 Oct 2011 (16:33 UTC)

Thank you for choosing PrestoPhoto! So glad you're happy!!

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Re : International Shipment

Posted:25 Oct 2011 (16:20 UTC)
About international shipment, I am glad to state that my order of 10 books shipped on October 13th was received in Paris today 25th October!

Thanks to PrestoPhoto wink
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Re: International Shipment

Posted:17 Oct 2011 (18:06 UTC)
Greetings, Aileen!

Yes, we can ship to the Philippines and San Francisco. I'm afraid I can't give you an exact estimate for shipping. Ship time and cost depend on the ship to address, weight of package, and most importantly ship method selected. Thus, it is not possible to provide an accurate ship cost. Typically, you could expect to pay approximately $6 - $10 for shipping for one book within the US. However, that is a rough estimate.

We do offer a ship cost estimator. All you need to do is put your book in your shopping cart and click the Get an Instant Shipping Quote! link at the bottom of the page.

If your order total is over $30.00, we offer a flat rate ship cost of $7.99 for international shipping and $1.99 for domestic. This is a very slow ship method so don't use it if you are on a deadline. If time is not an issue then you may consider that option.

If you have the product in your account you can add it to your cart and view all our ship method options without having to complete the checkout process or give us credit card information.

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Aileen Ocampo
Joined: 16 Oct 2011

International Shipment

Posted:16 Oct 2011 (13:43 UTC)
Do you ship in my country Philippines? how much will be d fee? How about san francisco usa? my sister-in-law lives there it might be cheaper to ship there since she's coming this christmas season.

Thanks and regards,