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My photo book

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Re: My photo book

Posted:10 Nov 2011 (16:08 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

You should be able to view a correct view at the Previews with any changes that you have made applied by simply clicking consecutively through the Steps each time you complete a round of edits. This will force a regeneration of your file and a correct view within the Previews!

If this does not work it is possibly a browser concern. You can close everything down, delete your cookies, clear history, and empty cache and then try again.

With regards to the previous template you used please submit this concern to and we will be able to take the appropriate steps to review and remedy the concern!

Kind regards,
PrestoPhoto support
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My photo book

Posted:10 Nov 2011 (02:07 UTC)
Hi, I am having trouble viewing any new pages to my UK photobook in 'Flip Preview'. Generally when I create new pages I can review the book with by selecting the 'Flip Preview' option and it will show me the new pages. The last half a dozen pages having been showing up for about a month or so.

Also one of the templates that I used in my USA photo book and I am using in the UK photobook is faulty - I noticed it when I got the hard copy in the mail. It is from the 'Simple and Sheer' templates and it is design 5. The photos aren't properly restricted to their own template - you can see the photograph underneath in the same frame - can this be rectified as I like to use the design. I am disappointed with the result in the last album I received though.

Regards, Miranda Cannon