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Viovio auto-scale of my PDF

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Re: Viovio auto-scale of my PDF

Posted:10 Nov 2011 (15:58 UTC)

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Sandra Shuler
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Viovio auto-scale of my PDF

Posted:10 Nov 2011 (03:53 UTC)
I have made a pdf from iPhoto 6, it is a size called 8x6.
The actual pdf is sized 7.86 x 5.88.

I have uploaded it to make 7x5 books in PrestoPhoto. When I look at the preview it looks good.

Your specs below say it must be 7.25 x 5.25 will you scale my file so it will work with out cropping too close to the text?

On the PrestoPhoto upload page it says it will be auto scaled:

PDF requirements to remember when uploading your PDF file.
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No trim marks
No passwords or encryption. (Your PDF will be protected on
Can be any size. If it is not one of our current sizes, we will auto-scale it for you.__