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Re: Quality of pictures

Posted:28 Nov 2011 (19:26 UTC)
Greetings, Miroslaw!

Exact color matching is difficult with print on demand. Only with off-set printing will you be able to match color.

Here is a page we created that helps with color matching

There is a link on that page on the word colorspace. I would read that page also.

Could you send the order number and photos of the book ou received so we can assist you further? Please email us at support@prestophoto.com.

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Miroslaw Lawczys
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Quality of pictures

Posted:25 Nov 2011 (16:43 UTC)

I just did my first photobook with PrestoPhoto. I created it using MS Word pasting my full resolution jpeg images and than converting to .pdf file using PDF Creator recommended by PrestoPhoto and using the exact pdf specs as per PrestoPhoto instructions.
For my cover I used full resolution jpeg image as per PrestoPhoto templates and specs.
My monitor is fully color calibrated using Pantone Huey Pro.

Several comments and questions after I inspected my album:
1. Cover of the book is of excellent colour and picture quality but significantly darker (~ one f-stop) than the picture I sent (as mentioned, my monitor is very carefully calibrated so the colors and exposure on the printout should be very close to what I see). As a matter of fact, when I print it on my calibrated printer - it does come out very similar to what I see on monitor. Any advice how to adjust my pictures so they print exactly (or very close to) the way I want?

2. .pdf file I created came out quite compressed - ~40Mb for 140 pages of text and full resolution pictures. It had a huge impact on quality of pictures and colours. How can I create a book so that you can print it at full image quality and resolution? Can it be done in .pdf format at all? Should I download separate pages as full resolution jpeg files?
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