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Posted:28 Nov 2011 (19:36 UTC)
Greetings, Kate!

If your pages are saved as a single press ready PDF you can upload it here:

If they are not you will need to start by creating a gallery and uploading your pages as jpg's into it:

Once the pictures are in a Gallery you can easily make them press ready by using either the Book Machine: which is very fast!

Or you can lay them onto pages using the Book Designer:

With either the Book Machine or the Designer, just make sure you leave any cover aspects blank since you are not purchasing a bound book.

Once you get to Step 3 you can review your pages by clicking the Layout Preview. This will also show you your content in comparison to the crop guides:

From there you can purchase by clicking "Buy Now"

PrestoPhoto Support
Joined: 28 Nov 2011
Posted:28 Nov 2011 (18:03 UTC)
I can't figure out how to order 12x12 loose prints. Help please!
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