full bleed question

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Re: full bleed question

Posted:01 Dec 2011 (16:27 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

Could you email your project ID number with this concern to support@prestophoto.com, and we will be able to take a better look at it!

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PrestoPhoto support
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full bleed question

Posted:30 Nov 2011 (23:35 UTC)
I just ordered some projects that I will have printed as double-sided loose pages (12x12). To ensure that I get full-bleed, I created the projects as 12.25x12.25, as per other instructions I found on your website. However, as I was creating the finished product, a warning came up telling me essentially that I didn't have 12.25x12.25 pages and that if I didn't want white around the edges, you could fix it for me but there may be some stretching. I pushed the "fix" button because I definitely don't want white edges, but I also don't want any strange stretching. Why did this warning come up when I definitely had 12.25x12.25 JPGs? Will the images on my pages really be stretched?
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