Don't want wraparound cover

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Re: Don't want wraparound cover

Posted:01 Dec 2011 (16:44 UTC)

If you wish to ensure that the cover is not full wrap you will simply need to click off the "full wrap cover" option.

When the system calculates the thickness of the spine one of the biggest factors that determines it is the amount of pages in the book. It is possible that your book is too thin to account for much spine width.

You will need to make sure you don't enter any spine text and the spine will appear as whatever color you choose as the "background color" for your book.

If you have any further questions please let us know and we will help in any way we can.

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Don't want wraparound cover

Posted:01 Dec 2011 (16:01 UTC)
I want a photo on the front, a photo on the back and nothing on the spine. However I have uploaded both photos into your Design Cover page and the preview shows the two photos butting up against each other along the spine. The instructions on the page say "The Full Wrap cover below is the default used for all softcover and image wrap hardcover books" but that is not what I want.
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