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Re: Best ratio for photos

Posted:05 Dec 2011 (21:31 UTC)
Hi Peter,

Our 3:2 ratio is our widest ratio, but unfortunately has the fewest books choices. Our advice would be to choose the ratio on your camera that offers the maximum pixel dimensions. Most sensors in cameras are either 3:2 (professional) or 4:3 (consumer). The 16:9 and 3:2 ratios on many cameras are frequently just a cropped 4:3 image - so it is actually *smaller* than a 4:3. It would be best to capture as many pictures as possible, and then decide on your own cropping later. Check your camera manual for details, and take a few examples to check.

Does that help?
Peter Campbell
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Best ratio for photos

Posted:04 Dec 2011 (21:59 UTC)
Hi Team, I have just purchased a new camera which allows me to select the ratio size for the photos that I 'll take. It can be 16:9 or 4:3 ( plus others). I understand that the 16:9 ratio will be best when displaying my photos on a widescreen TV . I'm just checking if that ration ( 16:9 ) will reproduce well in the printed books that you do. If I set the camera to the 16:9 ration is there an optimum book size that I should use for PrestoPhoto to make my books. Hope this makes sense. Kind regards Peter
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