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Re: 2012 Calendar

Posted:12 Dec 2011 (16:33 UTC)

You can easily apply our Calendar template to the bottom of the Calendar (the part that lists the days of the month) and then apply whatever you like as the decorative top part of the page! Or you could apply your creation to both aspects of the Calendar!

You will create your calendar in the Designer here: http://www.prestophoto.com/designer/ - at the part that says "Choose Product" you will simply need to select "Photo Calendar" and the amount of pages you wish to put in your Calendar - most people put 12, some add additional pages for extra.

Then you will apply your content as you would anything else in the Designer! Here are some great tutorials that will help you with applying content within the Designer:




If you have any further questions please let us know!

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2012 Calendar

Posted:11 Dec 2011 (04:35 UTC)
This is my first attempt to create a calendar. I've uploaded my pictures. What do I do next? My intent is to create my own template rather than look through 100 of your templates. Guess I'm over my head.
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