Printing an iPhoto book and 2 page spreads

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Re: Printing an iPhoto book and 2 page spreads

Posted:22 Dec 2011 (19:23 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

iPhoto books are subject to the 1/4 inch trim that occurs in Production, however this typically does not interfere with iPhoto layouts. Occasionally when customers order an Imagewrap Hardcover the iPhoto cover text falls over the Hardcover fold line. And if a iPhoto creator pushes their text to the very edge of the page this can be a concern but when this happens, rarely, it is caught by QA and the customer is notified and simply goes back, moves their text in a little, and then re-uploads the file.

Once you upload your book you can easily view the pages in association with the Red Crop Guide offered at Step 3 in the Layout Previews.

You can read more about Cropping and Bleed here:

And here is a link to trouble-shooting using other software that you were asking about - bleeds are addressed here as well:

As a general rule of thumb for creating 2 page spreads you would allow for a bit of an overlap for each side of the picture - .25" on each side. This then falls into the gutter and the picture lines up appropriately. The Flip Preview at Step 3 will give you a good idea what your two page spread will look like. We do not recommend for designers to account for any bleed by using blank white space - unless white space is what is intentionally desired. This (if not trimmed or "guttered" properly) allows for to much contrast and typically stands out very much. It is safer to allow more non-vital content, background color, or overlapping image to be what is allowed for the bleeds and the gutter.

If you have other questions or if I missed something let us know!

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Printing an iPhoto book and 2 page spreads

Posted:22 Dec 2011 (18:56 UTC)
Hello Support,

When I print to pdf in iPhoto, will the pdf have the approrpiate amount of bleed or am i going to lose 1/8 inch around each margin? If so, I will have to save the albulm as a bunch of jpeg files, import into Adobe Photoshop / InDesign, and resize each page.

Also, I am unclear how to create 2 page spreads in Photoshop / Indesign taking into account overlap and bleed. Do I only overlap into the area where there is no bleed and still leave the exterme 1/8th inch blank? You also recommend an additional 1/4 inch saftey zone around each page. How does that factor into the spread creation? Can you direct me to a tutorial or give a work or two of advice.

Thank you for your help.
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