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Re: printing price and shipping

Posted:06 Jan 2012 (15:09 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

You can easily assess a price quote for your project by visiting our Product Catalog here: Calendars are under the "Other" tab.

Each page represents a single side. For a 12 month Calendar you will want 24 pages. 12 for the front of each calendar and 12 for the backs (which is typically where you would place your pictures)

You can begin a project here: Selecting the Calendar option at the bottom of the list. 24 pages is automatically entered in however you can change it if you wish. When the Designer loads you will see the basic layout along with the associated page numbers!

If you have any other questions please let us know!

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printing price and shipping

Posted:06 Jan 2012 (04:07 UTC)
On the pricing per page is it for one sided or two sided. For a 12 month calender do I figure the price at 12 pages or 24 pages (Picture on one side and calender on the other).

What is the pricing for a 12 month calendar in the U.S.

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