zipfile didn't upload

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Re: zipfile didn't upload

Posted:09 Jan 2012 (17:33 UTC)

Greeings from PrestoPhoto!

You can also upload pictures within Step 1 of the Designer that might work out better for you!

Simply begin your project. Once you are at the step where you start dropping pictures onto the pages (Step 1) look to the top left and you will see the "Upload Pictures" button. Click that and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a picture loader option. There you can open the file that you wish to upload the pictures from. Click the first picture in the file and then hold the shift key down and click the last picture in the file. All the jpgs in the file between those two pictures should then be highlighted. Then click ok to being the upload. You will see the system begin to upload them all.

If you wish for us to review the zip file concern please email us at with the email address you have on file with us or a project ID number and we will take a closer look!

PrestoPhoto support
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zipfile didn't upload

Posted:07 Jan 2012 (16:27 UTC)

Can anyone help me? When I tried to upload my zipfile, it acted like it was loading, but when it was done, there was nothing in my gallery.

I can't imagine trying to upload my pages one at a time.

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