More than 120 pages in the 5x5 mini?

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Re: More than 120 pages in the 5x5 mini?

Posted:09 Jan 2012 (17:27 UTC)

To maintain the binding integrity these books cannot have to thick of a spine.

If you are specifically interested in the 5x5 minibook I would suggest you put them into volumes as seasons!

We can also easily accommodate a page count up to 400 pages in our 8.5x8.5.

If you have any further questions please let us know and we will do our best to help!

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More than 120 pages in the 5x5 mini?

Posted:08 Jan 2012 (07:22 UTC)
Is it at all possible to increase the max number of pages in the 5x5" books to 185 pages, to accommodate a Project 365 print - one photo/page/day? If not, you should consider this, as the Project 365 community is large and growing larger.

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