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Re: iPhoto PDF cropping

Posted:19 Jan 2012 (17:06 UTC)

Greeings from PrestoPhoto!

If you find that edits need to be made they will need to be made in iPhoto, then the project re-saved and uploaded within the same project, at Step 1 again.

But if you want you can email your project ID number to support@prestophoto.com and we can review the project first to let you know if you are in danger or not.

If you are viewing the book in the Layout Preview you will only need to consider the Red crop guide for an iPhoto book. The Yellow guide in the Flip Preview is for both standard size books and mini-books combined.

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iPhoto PDF cropping

Posted:18 Jan 2012 (22:03 UTC)
I was about to print my iPhoto book when I learned of viovio. So I followed the directions to save it as a PDF and viola! it worked. However, going through the preview process I noticed that the full bleed allowed in iPhoto doesn't fly on viovio's trim guidelines and important pieces like faces are cropped out. Is there any way to fix this without going back to iPhoto and redesigning the whole book?
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