Orange Crop Lines

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Re: Orange Crop Lines

Posted:05 Mar 2012 (15:33 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

For the Layout Preview:
(The crop guides are able to be viewed or removed by simply clicking or un-clicking the "Show Crop Guides" at the top left of the preview.)
The Red crop guide is for standard size projects (9x7 or larger)
The Pink crop guide is for mini-books (anything smaller than a 9x7)

For the Flip Preview:
The Flip preview offers 1 single yellow/orange crop guide that is both the Red and pink crop-guide combined, and is therefore more aggressive than necessary for standard size books. For most accurate crop guides when considering your work, please use the Layout Preview

Here is a great screencast that will explain all of our crop-guides:

If you have any more questions please let us know!

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Orange Crop Lines

Posted:03 Mar 2012 (05:50 UTC)
Do we have to keep within the orange crop lines as the orange crop lines takes up too much of the 'useable' area.

Can I just keep to the crop line on the left (for the right pages) (and the left for the right pages) so as to leave enough space for the binding, whilst forgo-ing the crop lines for the top and bottom...??

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