Recommended margins, part 2

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Re: Recommended margins, part 2

Posted:05 Apr 2012 (12:51 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto, and thank you so much for your interest!

Working hard to keep our prices low for our customers, has enabled us to have some of the most competitive prices on the market! One of the ways we are able to achieve this is by not offering paper samples.

We do encourage you to make a sample project of your own that would enable to you to see the excellent quality of our papers! Many people just upload a handful of their favorite pictures and create a 10 page 9x7 softcover to see the results. For $10.00 (USD) and not much of your time, you can accomplish a personalized sample of the product that you'll enjoy for years to come!

Here's a link to our page that will tell you all about our Papers and Bindings! If you have any further questions let us know and we'll do our best to help.

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Recommended margins, part 2

Posted:04 Apr 2012 (20:32 UTC)
Thanks for the quick response. Another question: is there a way to see a sample of your print quality? Can you send us a test of a page or something like that for a small fee? Also, what is the silk and satin paper? Thanks.

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