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Crop question

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Re: Crop question

Posted:23 Apr 2012 (20:38 UTC)
Hi, Martha!
Once you insert the image, you can crop it. If you want to add a border, you will need to do that using photo editing software. We recommend making the photos .25 inches larger to allow them to bleed to the edge. This page on cropping and bleed should help:

PrestoPhoto Support
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Crop question

Posted:23 Apr 2012 (17:48 UTC)
Is there a way to set my picture inside the margin area? I would like my 4:3 ratio crop to be inside the area that will print. I need this for the cover image and the interior photos in my book. IF I need to add a border to the images and, therefore do all of my cropping outside your design app, what is the width of the border I need for the 11x14 and the 8.5x11 books? (I am using the full page design setting)