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PSE 10

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Re: PSE 10

Posted:24 Apr 2012 (13:56 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

You have 2 options for your project. You can either upload jpgs and lay them on pages using the Designer ( or you can upload a whole project saved a single pdf and then upload it to our PDF uploader (

If you choose to save the project as jpgs and then use the Designer to create your book you can always save your file of jpgs and then zip them to upload. This will increase the speed of the process for you:

Here's a good read too about our crop guides when creating pages:

Ideally pages can be created at .25" larger than the trim size - ex: 8.5x11 will be 8.25x11.25 and then all .25" on all sides to account for the bleed.

If you have any further questions let us know!

PrestoPhoto support
Karey Erickson
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PSE 10

Posted:24 Apr 2012 (01:43 UTC)
I am using PhotoShop Elements 10 to create my custom layouts. I save as a JPG. I was playing around and noticed the only way to use a JPG would be to upload as a photo and insert full image onto page. Is this the best method for PSE10? Also, is there a format or "template" if you will for page size specifications?