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Any need to offset pages?

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Re: Any need to offset pages?

Posted:09 May 2012 (14:55 UTC)

You can best determine how your cover will look, by comparing it to the light Pink hardcover fold guide at the Cover Step, Step 2. Once "eyeing" it from the Cover step you may or may not decide that you want to shift the content on the cover.

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Any need to offset pages?

Posted:08 May 2012 (18:18 UTC)
I am planning an 8.5x11 hardcover book with illustrations and text using a PDF file. All of my text & pics will be well within the crop guides. I notice that the crop guides are centered on the page. My concern is that since it is a hardback book, do I need to offset my margins so that my text will be centered on the page once the book is bound?