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Re: Book

Posted:14 May 2012 (18:47 UTC)
Hi, Tracy!

Yes, the cover you choose will be the cover that prints. You should be able to review the cover in Step 2 in the Book Designer. Before you order, you should click on the link to the layout preview to see what the book will like. To re-arrange the pages, click on the "Arrange Pages" button in the Book Designer. This screencast should help:

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Tracy Batties
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Posted:11 May 2012 (15:29 UTC)
I chose my front and back cover of my book. Is this the cover that will be on the outside of my book. Also i'm ready to order my book how can i see the final copy before i order this is my first time working on a photobook.I also wanted to change the order of some of the pages and i try to drag the pages but they would not move.