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Re: Question

Posted:29 May 2012 (15:26 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

If you right click that green or red Public button and then select "open in new tab" then your Step 3/Webstore Options page will open for that project.

From there you can scroll down to the word "Availability" that's located on the right of the page. Underneath "Availability" you have the option to check the box that states "Make your Photo Book available for sale in the PrestoPhoto bookstore. If you wish to keep your book private, leave this option un-checked."

If that box remains un-checked then your project is private.

If you want to check it then you can get the project ID# and enter into a browser where you are not logged. Enter the url of <-- then at the end (with no space) place the project ID number. Click enter. If the box was left unchecked then the URL should yield the results saying "Product Not Available".

If you have any further questions about security you can read: or email

PrestoPhoto support
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Posted:25 May 2012 (07:04 UTC)
When I click on My Projects, the information for the project seems to indicate that the pictures will be Public. I do not want them to be. I click on the button to supposedly change it (as the identifier states), but the button stays green. Why?