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Re: PPI or DPI?

Posted:12 Jun 2012 (18:37 UTC)
Hi, Paul!

DPI and PPI are pretty much the same thing. DPI refers to printing (dot per inch)and PPI refers to a computer screen (pixel per inch)

We recommend that images be at least 300 dpi for the best results, but 260 should print fine. You may want to stick with a smaller size book, like 9 x 7, if you are going to use lower resolution images.

Of course, we have customers from all over and not with the same internet service, so uploads are occasionally a problem. If you do not have the option of uploading from a location with a better internet connection, I would recommend uploading a few photos at a time, or you could zip them up and upload them that way. Here is a link to our page about zipping and uploading a folder:

I hope this helps!

PrestoPhoto Support
Paul Brown
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Posted:12 Jun 2012 (03:58 UTC)
I have seen references to "the best resolution" for pics in your program and wondered why dpi is listed instead of ppi?. I have been trying to develop a book using as the source slides, color film, and photos of water color paintings produced by my mother-in-law over the past 40 years. My target is to have a pic that has 260 or higher pixels per inch. Because of the source medium some of these pics were recorded on I am limited to what is available. I am using a Canoscan 9000 to capture the best ppi I can but most photos will not exceed 260 ppi. I have processed 230 pics and have converted them to jpeg from raw using PS elements 8. Am I going to have trouble getting quality finished photos when the book is completed?
Also, I live in a rural area in Western NC where Sat dish is the only internet service. Dish basic baud rate throttles my upload/download capabilities. Large numbers of photo files might cause a problem. Has this been an issue for your customers?