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Dimensions For Non-Wrap Book Covers

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Re: Dimensions For Non-Wrap Book Covers

Posted:27 Jun 2012 (14:59 UTC)
Hi, Margaret!

The covers should be .25 inches larger than the final product, so 8 x 10 covers should be 8.25 x 10.25. For hardcovers, you want to be sure all important elements are far enough away from the edges( .5 inches away from the edge would be my recommendation) to avoid important elements being over the hardcover fold line.

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Margaret Runge
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Dimensions For Non-Wrap Book Covers

Posted:26 Jun 2012 (18:45 UTC)
Hello. I am printing a 8x10 hard cover book and I am uploading my cover images separately for the front and back covers. There are specific instructions for the dimensions required in a full wrap cover, but I do not see any for covers uploaded individually. Try as I might I cannot seem to create a cover that will fit into the pink bleed box. Are there specific dimensions for uploading separate covers for an 8x10 hardcover book? Thank you.