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Please Help Needed

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Re: Please Help Needed

Posted:23 Jul 2012 (13:12 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

You can view all the products that we offer here:

We offer a Dust Jacket in size 11x8.5 with a Black Suede Hardcover, Premium Photo Paper ( ), that will hold 200 pages. You can read the specs on it here:

PrestoPhoto Support
Timothy Olukayode Ajayi
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Please Help Needed

Posted:20 Jul 2012 (19:41 UTC)
I want to print a traditional book. Below is my specification. I simply want to know if my kind of Print is possible.

Book Type: Hardcover
Binding: Dust Jacket
Interior Paper type: 60#/90gsm Cream text stock
Book size: 8.5inch. by 5.5inch.
Number of Pages: 200

Secondly, I want to know how much a copy would cost and what would the discount for bulk print of 500copies cost