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Re: trimming.

Posted:30 Jul 2012 (15:51 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

If you are purchasing a layflat or wire-o binding book then you will need to make sure that the transposed bleed is corrected. If you are not then the transposed portion will end up in the gutter and will not show so should not prove to be a problem.

Regardless of how the document is set up you will need to account for trim on the Interior Pages. Interior trim is 1/8th edge on all sides, however we do not guarantee any content within .25" of the sides (this we call the caution area). You can read all about this here: This is best accounted for by extending all backgrounds and non-vital elements to the edge of the page - Then making sure that all vital elements ie: text, faces, etc, are all kept within .25" of every side.

You can read the 2 different options for setting up your InDesign documents here:

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Posted:27 Jul 2012 (19:53 UTC)
after following the instructions on setting up my document in indesign and then making corrections for transposed bleed in the gutter, i am now concerned that the inside edges are going to be trimmed so as to screw up full spread images. should i reorganize my file as pages, not spreads, allowing for 1/8" bleed on all sides (top, bottom, right, left)? or should i just use the initial settings without the gutter corrections?