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Photos don't fit

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Re: Photos don't fit

Posted:30 Jul 2012 (16:19 UTC)
Paul, Greetings! I see the image "Pink African Violets with Curtain" in your gallery and it is size: 10x7.065 with a dpi of 287.9 The project that you have created is within the Landscape 4:3 ratio. I reviewed the project and all the crop options are working correctly for here. Here is a helpful screencast that will show how to crop and image: Here is a good read about dpi and sizing images for projects. If you have any further questions though please let us know and we'll do our best to help! Best, PrestoPhoto support
Paul Brown
Joined: 11 Jun 2012

Photos don't fit

Posted:28 Jul 2012 (18:59 UTC)
Hey there! I have worked out the upload issues and have nearly all the pics I need in "My Photos" under Paul Brown's Gallery. We have placed a number of the pics into our templates and a large number of them are not "fitting" into the space allotted. Cropping is not acceptable as an alternative. I am wondering if my chosen Image Size( I used PS Elements 8 to process). I tried to target 270 - 300 DPI and to end up with an image size of 10 X 7 on the average. I have attempted to reduce the size some to see if this will make the border more inclusive of the photos. Any feedback? This software is far from user friendly. Drop down boxes identifying a procedure or guiding the user or showing that a procedure has completed would really be helpful. I learned by T & E that once one changed a template one had to close the template window to return to the page where one could drag and drop photos and actually learn whether the template chosen was opened. I am quite frustrated with the software but I have learned too much and have uploaded too much to quit now.The pics I work with in this project are not standard to aspect ratios so one size does not fit all and since these are watercolor paintings loosing anything on the border hurts the impact of the photo. Paul