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Aperture PDF-book and 2-page spread

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Re: Aperture PDF-book and 2-page spread

Posted:01 Aug 2012 (18:51 UTC)
Greetings, Rian!

You can see how the pages will print in the layout preview here - For books 6 x 9 or larger, you will want to look at the red crop guide and for anything smaller, look at the pink. Anything outside of the designated crop guide may get trimmed in production. We have a page with all the info you need to know about setting up your Aperture file here -

I hope this helps! Please contact us at if you have any further questions!

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Rian de Heer
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Aperture PDF-book and 2-page spread

Posted:31 Jul 2012 (23:26 UTC)
Hi, we made a book with Aperture (29 cm x 29 cm) which contains several 2-page spreads. I saved it as a PDF but when I see the previews after uploading I am wondering if the 2-page spreads will print exactly as they appear in Aperture or if I have to do something extra. Also, how do I set the dimensions of the PDF to account for the trimming area?