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Re: Margins

Posted:20 Aug 2012 (15:00 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto,

You only need a .25" margin on interior pages, you are correct. I would also suggest reading this page too as you begin, to get other options for setting up the pages: Transposed Bleed in the Gutter

There is an automatic trim that occurs during production to ensure that all pages are flush. This trim is approximately 1/8 inch on all sides. Due to any potential for shifting during production we suggest that all vital content is kept within .25" from all sides, and consider this the Caution Area. We do not guarantee any content that is not within the Red crop guide (.25") / Caution area. You can learn more about this here: Cropping And Bleed

Ideally all non-vital content should be extended to the edge of the page while all vital content like text and faces should be kept within .25" of all sides (for all standard size books.) In the crop guides you will also see the Pink Crop-guide for mini-books. This is a more aggressive guide due to the the mini-books small size, and therefore requires a more aggressive crop. As long as the book you select is 9x7 or larger then .25" is sufficient for interior pages. If you have questions about mini-books (smaller than 9x7) please let us know!

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Posted:19 Aug 2012 (01:51 UTC)
hey, so are we required to keep .5" margins or is that just an example? Seems somewhat exorbitant... I'm working at .25 right now.

Also, I'm making an 8.5x11 landscape book right now. Should it actually be an 8.5x11.1 book?