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Posted:27 Aug 2012 (14:44 UTC)
Paul, Greetings from PrestoPhoto! We can definitely send a single proof copy of the order to you prior to submitting the whole into production, and strongly suggest this!! All you will need to do is place the order - then in the order notes section made available to you during check out- simply state that you "wish to receive a single proof copy of the order prior to placing the whole into Production", and support will take care of the rest! You can read more about proofing a bulk order here: Best, PrestoPhoto support
Paul Brown
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Ready to purchase

Posted:24 Aug 2012 (23:48 UTC)
We are finally close to putting the finishing touches on our book! We currently have requests for ten copies and we are wondering if we will be able to obtain a proof prior to printing the total number? Our page count has grown to 147. Will this be a problem? Any other advice that can be offered? Can you all review what we have completed to date and give feedback? Paul