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Die-Cut Image Positioning Range

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Re: Die-Cut Image Positioning Range

Posted:10 Sep 2012 (18:00 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

Depending on what program you're using to create your cover this may or may not be of service.

What I do is go to the Cover Step - Step 2, and then click the die-cut cover tab. This will bring up a preview of the die-cut cover. I take a screenshot of that, then pull it into Photoshop, crop out everything other than the image of the book. Then create the actual cover image file with the proper dimensions and resolution. Then pull the die-cut cover image and drop it on top of your actual cover image file. Then, with the die-cut cover layer selected hit the hot keys control-t, hold down shift and then expand that image to fit the four-corners. The die-cut cover image will be pixelated, but it will give you a decently proper reference for where the die-cut will end up being and you can then use it kind of as a crude-template of sorts.

The potential for shifting we typically keep within .25" of the sides. With the die-cut I'd mostly be in consideration of the die-cut preview at the cover step. If your content is not close up against the side then you should be good!

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Die-Cut Image Positioning Range

Posted:09 Sep 2012 (17:57 UTC)
I am designing an 11" x 8.5" book with a die-cut cover and an image covering the entire page. I totally understand variances in die-cut positioning; that is the nature of on-demand publishing. Would it be possible for you to provide a positioning range? For example, if the die-cut could stray as much as .75" from the center of the page and I knew that, I could create a design with that tolerance in mind. Thank you for offering this great service; I look forward to creating my first book with you.