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DPI needed for 14x11 book?

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Re: DPI needed for 14x11 book?

Posted:02 Oct 2012 (14:15 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

We suggest the resolution to be 300dpi!

Here is our trouble-shooting page for Powerpoint to review:,+PowerPoint,+and+Word

Powerpoint and Word have yielded inconsistent results for printing when the file is generated directly. These softwares can be problematic because they do not adhere to standard PDf specs. If you have access to Adobe, Acrobat Pro, that produces the most reliable PDF for printing. If this is not available, Neevia is free PDF generator that should work - We suggest generating the PDF with one of these.

PrestoPhoto support
Joined: 02 Oct 2012

DPI needed for 14x11 book?

Posted:02 Oct 2012 (04:09 UTC)
Is 300 DPI in PowerPoint good enough to produce sharp, vibrant, and detailed enough pages for the 14x11 books? Do I need to increase the DPI? Thanks.