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Photo Book Templtaes

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Re: Photo Book Templtaes

Posted:08 Oct 2012 (16:16 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

You do not need to apply a template to a page in the Designer unless you want to. For full-bleed pages, template usage is not required.

It is important however to make sure that you are accounting for bleed when ordering a mini-book (any book 6x9 or smaller).

There is an automatic trim that occurs during production to ensure that all pages are flush. This trim is more aggressive on mini-books due to their small size. We suggest to keep all vital content within 1/2" from all sides, and consider this the "Caution Area." We do not guarantee any content that falls underneath the Light Pink mini-book crop guide (1/2") / Caution area. You can learn more about this here:

All non-vital/background content should be extended to the edge of each page. All vital content (text and faces) should be kept within the Light Pink mini-book Crop-guide.

Here is a great screencast that will explain all of our crop-guides:

People will often apply the auto-fit template to their mini-books to account for trim.

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Christy Williamson
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Photo Book Templtaes

Posted:07 Oct 2012 (20:32 UTC)
Do you have a book option that already has the full-bleed template for all pages? I found it cumbersome to have to drag that layout for each page of my 5x5 softcover book.