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Landscape option

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Re: Landscape option

Posted:23 Oct 2012 (13:18 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

The Seamless Lay Flat is unique in that it can function as a Portrait book or a landscape book!

If you click the green "Create this book" above it will take you to the Book Designer already prepared for the Seamless Lay Flat. You can enter in the amount of pages and then click "Create" to proceed.

Then the Designer will open up preset to individual Portrait pages. If you look at the thumbnails on the left of the page - then look below the right thumbnail you will see a little full page spread icon. Click that and a Landscape full page spread will be created for you. You can create as many of these as you need!

Here is a screencast that will walk you through how to create the Landscape full page spreads:

You can delete a single page by clicking the trashcan icon below the thumbnail of that page. You can delete multiple pages by clicking "arrange pages" then clicking "delete multiple pages"

If this doesn't answer your question, or if you have more please let us know!

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Vaishakhi Lahoti
Joined: 22 Oct 2012

Landscape option

Posted:22 Oct 2012 (17:11 UTC)
Hello, I am new to this site but I was very interested in the seamless lay flat print option you provide. The only problem is that I am looking for a landscape book but I cannot see the option while creating a book. This page takes me to a page where I can create a Lay flat Portrait book but not a landscape. What am I missing? Do help.