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Scanned pictures - tips

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Re: Scanned pictures - tips

Posted:30 Oct 2012 (15:10 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

For images we suggest the resolution be at 300dpi. Here is a great write-up that explains resolution and images:

Scanned images can be of an excellent quality if scanned professionally. One company that we suggest for this is A correctly scanned image can be higher quality than a small or low resolution digital file.

The text can be used from the memory book he wrote by hand and simply saved and used as an image - Aesthetically many people prefer this. For easier reading it can also be copied and placed in as text. Depending on what program you are using to create this book will determine how you would lay the text onto the pages.

You have the option of creating the book using our Free online book creation software: Or you can use Desktop Software ( ) and then upload it as a print ready PDF:

Format-wise, this is completely subjective. I would suggest reviewing the Product Catalog: to determine what binding type and paper type you prefer. This sometimes narrows down the search. If you wish to create the book using our Free online software you can also review the templates in order to narrow down your search:

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Travis Bouck
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Scanned pictures - tips

Posted:30 Oct 2012 (13:58 UTC)
Hi - going to try and put together a memorial book for my grandfather who passed away recently. I have two questions that I am hoping you can possibly help me with:

1. The book will be a lot of text from a memory book that he wrote by hand - this text will be re-written and reproduced in the book. As such, there will be quite a bit of text but we would like to combine this with numerous photos of grandpa and the family. Is there a book format that is more appropriate for this type of "photo" book that is actually a lot of text?

2. A lot of the pictures we have available are not pictures whereby we have the original digital image. I understand that the quality of the pictures when scanned is not as good as the ones whereby a digital image is available. What can a person do to ensure that the scanned images are of the highest possible quality?