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Viovio iPad app

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Re: Viovio iPad app

Posted:05 Nov 2012 (17:15 UTC)

Thank you so much for your feedback on the iPad app. Since Picasa is an online photo service, you do need to be online in order to access those photos.

We have a fix for the crashing that is included in the next update. The next update is currently in the queue at Apple and should be available for upload later this week. If you continue to experience crashing even with the update, please email us at

PrestoPhoto Support
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Viovio iPad app

Posted:02 Nov 2012 (11:59 UTC)
Hi there,
I recently downloaded the vio vio iPad app however am having a lot of difficulties - it crashes every time I open my project, usually just as soon as I click on a photo page to edit. Sometimes if I'm lucky I can open a page and add a photo, however it will usually crash as soon as I try to 'snap to grid' or do any sort of editing.
I seem to be able to download photos from my Picasa web site but only when online. Initially when I downloaded the app I could add photos from the iPad itself (which is the reason I want to use a mobile app) but now none of my iPhoto pictures or files are visible on this app.
Naturally these problems are really frustrating!
Thanks for your help - I think an app like this is really great, however it is no good whatsoever if I can't use it!