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5x5 Photo Book

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Re: 5x5 Photo Book

Posted:05 Nov 2012 (16:45 UTC)
Jennie, hello!

This is correct - every 2-pack contains 2 books per "copy" / every 3-pack contains 3 books per "copy."

So if you are wanting 10 books total, ordering the 5x5 2-pack, then you would enter "5 copy's" into the price calculator to get the proper price quote!

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5x5 Photo Book

Posted:02 Nov 2012 (19:53 UTC)
I wanted to double check how the 2-pack pricing worked for the 5x5 photo book. The quick quote asks for copies ordered. I am thinking that for every "copy ordered" it is two actual books since it is a two pack. Please let me know if this is accurate.