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9x7 landscape book

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Re: 9x7 landscape book

Posted:15 Nov 2012 (22:06 UTC)
Hi, Jennifer!

When you are creating a book in the Book Designer, you select a ratio - this was you can order the book in numerous sizes. If you want a 9x7 Landscape book, you should select the 4:3 ratio.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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9x7 landscape book

Posted:14 Nov 2012 (21:28 UTC)
I'm a little confused about designing a smaller book. I'm uploading pre-formatted jpegs created for a 9x7 book. (My actual jpeg dimensions are 9.25 x 7.25.) However, all I can select when creating the book is portrait or landscape, not the actual size. So am I just to assume that in production slightly more will be trimmed from the sides than from the top? I wish that I could customize the crop guides for this size of book.

Am I missing something?