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Bleed question

Comment on 8.5x11 Photo Book
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Re: Bleed question

Posted:16 Nov 2012 (15:33 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

You can read all about InDesign projects at our InDesign help pages here: and here:

You can read all about Cropping and Bleed here:

If you have any further questions let us know!

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Dave Buchwald
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Bleed question

Posted:16 Nov 2012 (03:36 UTC)
I'm a photographer, and I'm only somewhat acquainted with InDesign and printing. I'm laying out a 8.5x11 hard cover book. What should I have my Top, Bottom, Inside, and Outside bleed set to? Right not I have .125" for each, making it a total of .25" extra in height and width. Is this right? Secondly can you tell me what the approximate spine thickness would be for 200 pages in both Express Printing and Premium Printing?

Thanks so much