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Fewer than 20 pages

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Re: Fewer than 20 pages

Posted:16 Nov 2012 (16:45 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

The 8.5x11 is the only saddle-stitch option that we have. You can view it here:

We are unable to bind a Hardcover less than 20 pages because the few amount of pages challenges the integrity of the binding!

You can view all the products that we offer at our Product Catalog here:

To learn more about a specific product simply click the title!

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Fewer than 20 pages

Posted:16 Nov 2012 (15:47 UTC)
I'm wanting to clarify the options for printing a book of fewer than 20 pages. I see the saddle stitch option, but only in portrait. Is saddle stitch available for landscape books?

And is it true that you won't do a hardcover of fewer than 20 pages?

(I'm teaching a storybook writing/publishing class, and several of my students only have 10-12 pages in their books. I hate to tell them that they can only do portrait, and only saddle stitch.)