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uploading 191 pages

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Re: uploading 191 pages

Posted:19 Nov 2012 (16:34 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

For uploading a PDF you have 4 options:

1) PDF Upload Wizard: Here is a helpful screencast on how to use the PDF UPload Wizard:

2) Dropbox: You can begin here:

3) You can FTP the file: You would access the FTP here:

4) You can upload it via

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Melissa Thomas
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uploading 191 pages

Posted:18 Nov 2012 (22:54 UTC)
This is the second year I have used your company but can not remember how we had to do this. I remember using yousendit to get my pages to you since my program is not compatible with your program. I have 191 pages that I want double sided in a 12 by 12 book with the hard cover material wrap.