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Cover Bleed

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Re: Cover Bleed

Posted:20 Nov 2012 (21:02 UTC)
Jenne, thank you for your message!

I looked over your project. With the way it is, it looks like almost all of the text you have one the edges will be trimmed, so you may want to bring it in a bit. For mini books, you want to look at the the pink crop guide for the cover and the interior.

A professional membership is not required to remove the logo. You can also pay a $10 fee to remove the logo on a per order, per project basis. For instance, if you are ordering 10 copies of the same book, the fee to remove the logo is $10. If you are ordering 2 different books and you don't want the logo on either of them, the fee is $20.

If you have any questions about this specific project, please contact us at so we can further assist you.

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Jennie VanDuyne
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Cover Bleed

Posted:20 Nov 2012 (19:15 UTC)

I have uploaded the front and back cover images with the 1/8" bleed for the 5x5 mini book. When I click on Preview Hi-Resolution Cover it shows the images with the bleed still showing on the top, bottom, and outsides. It has taken the inside bleed off and included the spine which I was pleased with. However I do not want the bleed to be shown for the top and bottom. My design is text that is supposed to get cut off and my fear is that it was re-sized so that this would not happen. Please let me know if this is the case and how to fix it. Also I was disappointed to discover that your logo is going to be on the back of the book unless we have a professional membership which would be more than my order. Previously we wanted to order the mini books and the quote was around $107. Please let me know if there is another option other than the professional membership. If something can't be arranged to take the logo off we will take our business elsewhere.