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dimensions ?

Comment on A4 Perfect Bound Softcover

Re: dimensions ?

Posted:29 Nov 2012 (20:35 UTC)
Alright... I think I figured this out assuming that 11.10" actually means 12.0" ( it would be good to correct this mistake so others don't get a surprise when ordering this book )

PDF Upload Dimensions should be:

PDF Upload Dimensions 8.6"x12" (218x305mm)

for a final Dimension of 8.3"x11.7 (210x297mm)

w/ an 8mm bleed - correct ?

Next question:

Please advise if the inside cover is the FIRST page to be printed or if it is blank by default.... Normally blank would be good but I want my photo book to come off as a magazine and usually they have inside cover printed...

No big deal if it can't however I need to know in order to design it properly... Otherwise the book with be one page out of order !

Thanks !

dimensions ?

Posted:28 Nov 2012 (21:57 UTC)
I don't understand the "final dimensions" vs the "PDF upload dimensions"

Final Dimensions 8.3"x11.7 (210x297mm)
PDF Upload Dimensions 8.6"x11.10" (218x282mm)

Why / How is the height shorter on the upload dimension ( 282 mm ) then it is on the final dimension ( 297 mm ) you can't cut a book longer - so I am really confused on this !! I don't understand how to set up my document to account for a bleed that is going to be bigger than actual page ??? Is this a mistake ? What is the bleed distance and how do I account for it during the design of my book... What is the bleed margins to set for height and width ?