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Aperture - problems w/ creating pdf

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Re: Aperture - problems w/ creating pdf

Posted:05 Dec 2012 (14:09 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

There is a special way that an Aperture Project needs to be saved in order for it to upload properly. You can view these instructions here:

Once the file is saved per these instructions you can upload the file here: Making the selection for the "Apple iPhoto ® or Aperture Photo Book"

I would review the projects content and make sure that it's not too close to the edge before I saved the PDF - this will ensure that none of the content will be trimmed. You can review our trouble-shooting with Aperture page here:

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Aperture - problems w/ creating pdf

Posted:04 Dec 2012 (18:10 UTC)
I am wanting to submit a book order to viovio. I have finished my book in Aperture. When I print it to pdf 2 things are happening:
- there is a random picture that has been dropped from a page. In Aperture there are 3 pictures, but in the pdf there is only 2. Any idea what is causing this?
- I am not able to get a full bleed on the pages. On all of the pages there is a white border.

there are a total of 130 pages in my book.