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branding on cover

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Re: branding on cover

Posted:06 Dec 2012 (17:06 UTC)
Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

The PrestoPhoto logo is automatically printed on the back cover of each book, along with the url listing that projects product ID number. It is about 1" long. You can put it in one of 9 locations, (top, center, bottom & left, center or right). You can add your own logo to appear on the back of the book or last page of the book if you would like.

Using the Rhythm of Stillness by Stanka Kordic as an example you can click the Flip Preview from this link: and then flip through the back of the book to see an example of the logo.

There are two ways to ensure no PrestoPhoto logo will be removed from the back of your book.

1) You can become a PrestoPhoto Professional Member, and the PrestoPhoto logo is removed from EVERY book your account purchases from here out. You can read more about our Professional membership here:

2) On a PER ORDER basis, you also have the option to pay a $10 flat fee to remove the logo. This option is available for you to select at checkout, if desired. The logo removal in this case is PER BOOK and only applied to this single order. Therefore, for an order with 3 different books that all require the logo removal, at $10 per logo removal charge, this will equal $30 of logo removal charges for a singular order. If in a single order you make a bulk purchase of a single book project, the logo removal fee will be $10 for the bulk order of the single project - ex: if you order 1 of the same book, or 10 of the same book, or 100 of the same book, in the single order - the logo removal fee will be $10 for that order.

PrestoPhoto support
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branding on cover

Posted:05 Dec 2012 (21:54 UTC)
I saw the option to remove the branding from the cover. How big is the logo and where is it located on the book? Thanks.