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Correct pagination?

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Re: Correct pagination?

Posted:13 Dec 2012 (14:57 UTC)

Greetings from PrestoPhoto!

I would suggest to upload the interior pages of the project only at that the pdf upload wizard:

Then, once the system has uploaded the interior pages and has progressed you to Step 2, you can upload the cover at Step 2:

This will ensure the pagination is exactly how you want it!

All of our books, with the exception of the Seamless Layflat, begin with page 1 on the right (just like a novel).

I would also suggest reviewing the cropping and bleed page here:

And we also have a trouble-shooting with InDesing page that might be helpful for you as well!

PrestoPhoto support
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Correct pagination?

Posted:13 Dec 2012 (02:04 UTC)
Hey guys, I have a A4 sized PDF I did in Adobe Indesign... Anyway, the first and the last page are the cover and back, so I selected those options. However, if you know how Indesign works, the second page is next to the third kinda like this...


Assuming pages 2-5 were body and 1 and 6 were the cover and back respectively.

My question is when I upload my PDF then check the covers option, hit next, and click the flip preview, every page is off by 1 page, like this.


Where the "/" is a blank page behind the cover... If you see my problem, page 2 needs to be next to 3, as does 4 next to 5, etc. So I looked at the advanced options and ticked the box "Start printing book on the inside of the front cover", because, hypothetically, that will remove that space between the cover and keep pagination correct. However, the flip preview doesn't update on the next page so I don't know if it's correct.

And because of the stern warning of no reprints, I want this right before I have it sent off to be printed.

I can upload a picture of the pagination I need, like from Indesign if you'd like.